Vancouver Garage Door Double Spring Change

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Vancouver Garage Door Double Spring Change

After Double spring change has been completed you can see the fresh black spring has been installed.

Double spring change and trolley bracket repair

Double spring change on a white modern classic with no windows. This garage is actually a games room for the kids.

Before the repairs to the trolley bracket are made. You can see the bracket needs to be adjusted so that there is more back pressure against the wall.

Side view of the trolley bracket that needs to be repaired. This part is causing unwanted noise during the closing of the door. The I-Beam was slapping against the ceiling, you can see a little bit of scuffing on the ceiling on the left of the picture.

After the bracket has been adjusted. This proper positioning of the bracket will assure that the slapping does not happen anymore as the I-Beam is now firm against the wall.

nice close up view of the repaired bracket that is nice and firm against the wall.

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