Bottom Fixture and Cable Replacement in Vancouver

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Bottom Fixture and Cable Replacement in Vancouver

Wire that has been damaged. This swirling of the wire is the first indication that your wire is damaged and needs replacement.

After cable has been removed from the garage door. You can see the wire is in a terrible state. This is a serious issue and needs to be repaired.

Garage door cable that has been damaged. You can see the wire has been swirled and bent and compromised more than recommended. It can be tricky to spot this repair but once spotted it is quite visible. Another way of determining if you have a cable issue is if you see light peering in from one corner of your door. That can indicate that the wire has been stretched and needs repair.

This view is of a bottom fixture that has been grinding against the edge of the horizontal track. The corner of the bottom fixture is peeling like a banana. This could be quite serious. This issue would create quite a bit of noise during operation.

After new bottom fixture has been attached to the door. This will assure that the cable will travel properly so no snags or damage occurs during the lifting and lowering of the door.

After new cable wire has been replaced on the garage door. This will allow the door to sit properly on the ground and rise/lift to the right location.

Fresh cable that has no damage. This is how the cable is properly attached to the door. The cable needs to have a clear passage of travel or the garage door will become unsafe and unreliable.

Cable that is falling apart and needs to be replaced.

During inspection you can see that the cable is twisted and is about to fully break.

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