Garage Door Spring Winding Cone Failed

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Garage Door Spring Winding Cone Failed

view of unspooled cable on garage door drum

Cables not properly attached to door and cables need to be reattached for door to properly operate. This happened because of the spring not holding the proper tension on the door. When the springs tension gave away from the failed winding cone the door became heavy and no tension on the cables was present. Thus when the tension was not proper and the door was lifted the cables unwound off the drums just like a fishing line would unspool off our rod.

cables that are not properly setup around drum. This is the same as the other side and will need to be reattached.

View of garage door spring that has a failed winding cone and can't keep it's tension

View of the spring that has failed. If you take a good look at the picture you can see many score marks on the torsion bar from many attempts to keep the spring wound with proper tension.

You can see the score line on the winding cone. You can see the winding cone has a scrape mark on the cone. This damage would be a first indication to a technician that the winding cone is faulty.

After new spring has been installed in replacement of the broken one. The old spring looked like the original one that has worked it’s heart off from the homeowner.

View of the winding cone that is faulty. It is hard to find a issue here except for the fact that the end of the spring is extra close to the winding hole, which would be a first indication that something is Arie.


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