Wood Obstruction Caused Garage Doors Cables to Unwrap

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Wood Obstruction Caused Garage Doors Cables to Unwrap

Obstruction in behind the garage door that caused the cables to be thrown off the drum.

Wood post that has fell behind the garage door track. You can see the wood has been chewed out by the garage door hitting it. This obstruction will cause the garage door cable to come off the drum and then all hell will break loose. The cables keep the garage door level and lifting in sync. If the forces that lift the door are out of sync then safety will be compromised. The cables need to be in proper sync to assure that the door is lifted smoothly and evenly. Your garage door is the heaviest moving thing in your home so you have to make sure that it is unobstructed.

View of a garage door drum that has the cables not properly attached / secured.

You can see the cable that is wrapped incorrectly around the left drum. This is the side that had the wood jammed behind the track.

View of drum that has the cable not properly attached. This cable needs to be attached properly.

Before the repairs are started. You can see the top fixture (where the top roller is attached too) is heavily flexed. This is an example of the forces at play. The garage door’s weight was pressed to the left as the right side tried to lift the door.

Track that was pushed over to the left during the cable / wood issue moment.

Track that is vertical and pushed over to the left. This track will need to be adjusted, the door that tries to lift.

Old garage door that could use a replacement.

View of garage door that has flexing issues due to old age. This garage door as you can see has light coming in from the outside in between the top section. This light is the result of age / flexing of the garage door over time. This garage door is in need of replacement.

Bottom section of garage door that has a bent strutt and damaged panels.

You can see this garage door has seen a few repairs over the years. It looks like it has been hit in the past and repaired partially. The panel has a large crack crossing across the whole panel.

View of garage door that has a strutt that is heavly damaged and flexed.

Bottom section of garage door that has been hit and repaired. You can see the door is in disrepair and should be considered for replacement.

View of wood obstruction that is behind the garage door track

Wood obstruction that caused the door to misbehave. This jamming of the wood should try to be avoided at all costs. Make sure that all wood / obstructions are removed from the corners of your garage to assure that your door will not fail for you when you least expect it.

View of wood obstruction that caused garage door to fail.

Excellent view of the wood that caused the issue with the cable not being wrapped around the drum properly. This obstruction is quite serious. If you find that your garage door is in need of repair please call us at : 604-940-8918

View of the garage that has yet to be repaired.

Before repairs are completed you can see the obstruction that caused the issue.

View of garage door obstruction

you can see the wood that caused all this grief. Please try to have all obstructions away from your garage door track.

After repair of the cable has been made. You can see the cable has been properly attached to the drum and reset properly.

This shows the strut that is cracked and heavily compromised strength and should be replaced. Ideally this whole door needs to be replaced. If you find that your door is old like this one. Please call us to discuss a replacement. Our sales team is at: 604-940-8918

After wood obstruction has been removed from track. This should solve the cables not being lifted on the drum properly. If the tension is not uniform on the cables then one side of the cable will come off and cause the door to shift. As you can see in these pictures.

After top fixture has been bent back into shape. A new roller was added as well, which will assure that the top section will roll through the track radius with a smooth motion.

View of smiling door from the inside of the garage look to the right

Right side of garage door that shows the twenty five years of age that the door has endured. This light that is poking through the bottom of the door is regarded as “Smiling”. From the outside at a distance if you look at your old wooden door, in most cases if your door is over 20 years old it will have some flexing in the wood. If you see that your door is old and in need to a replacement. Don’t hesitate to call us at: 604-940-8918 and talk to our sales team.

Smileing door gap showing light come in. Damage on lower section as well.

View of left side of garage door. This view shows that there is light coming from the corner of the garage. This is caused by old age; this wooden door is over twenty five years old and shows its age. The flexing / light peering in is because the cables have been pulling up on the door for 25 years and the door has acted like a bow and arrow. It has slowly flexed over time. This flexing in the industry is referred to as a “Smiling Door”

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