Two Belt Drive Operators Installed in Burnaby Garage

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Two Belt Drive Operators Installed in Burnaby Garage


View of inside the garage with old motors that area about to be replaced.

Before the two new garage door operators have been installed. You can see that the motor on the left has been opened. The customer saw smoke and sparks rise from the motor. This was the first indication that the motors needed to be replaced. These motors are twenty years old and have ran their lifespan. These two motors are chain drives with no safety sensors.

Old operator wall buttons that look like two door bells. These wall buttons will be replaced with the modern control stations.

After motors have been installed

After the two new operators have been installed. These two new garage door motors are belt drives and have made the garage modern again. These motors have the WiFi module built into the system so that you can use your Android and iPhone to activate the motors from any distance.

View of wall buttons that have been installed with the new operators

Wall buttons that have been installed over the door bell buttons. These buttons have a extra lock feature that can be activated from a hidden door. You can also see that these control buttons have a light button that will activate the operators light for five minute intervals.

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