Garage Door Popping Sound Requiring Additional Reinforcement

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Garage Door Popping Sound Requiring Additional Reinforcement

View of track that requires additional support so unwanted twisting does not occur.

Before track adjustments are made. Track that is not perfectly aligned can make some unwanted sounds. Track that is mounted in the farthest position will create unwanted twisting in the track when the door opens. This motion / force can create track that will twist and then make a popping sound.

View of garage door that requires additional hanging support.

Before repairs are started. You can see there is only one support bracket / assembly holding up the garage door. Adding another hanger / bracket assembly will provide the support that the track requires.

View of the garage door repair after the track has been supported by additional punched angle

After additional hanging support has been added. This additional support will ensure that the track does not flex during the lifting / lowering of the door.

Track view before repairs are made. You can see a slight bowing of the track.

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