Pickup Bracket Repair in Surrey

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Pickup Bracket Damaged From Excessive Lifting Force From Garage Door Motor

Built on strutt that has been torn away from the lifting of the door. This built in strutt is suspect-able to tearing once the springs have broken and the motor lifts the door. Our technician was able to repair this strutt with fasteners and punched angle to reestablish a strong lifting position.

Torn strutt from pickup arm pulling too hard on door

Before repair of pickup arm damage. This door will not lift from the motor. The motor needs to have a strong support bracket that holds onto the door during the lift. This is a important part that needs to be secure and fastened onto the door where damage will not happen during normal opening closing cycles.

View of repaired pickup support position.

Repaired pickup arm support that has been fixed and ready for opening and closing.

View of repaired support position of pickup bracket.

You can see the repaired punched angle holding the internal strutt in it’s proper position.

Pickup support that is repaired and ready for operation.


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