Cable Replacement Required for Door to Operate Smoothly in Vancouver

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Cable Replacement and New Garage Door Springs Required in Vancouver

View of front torsion spring assembly that has been loaded and ready for a lift.

Replacement springs all loaded up ready for the door to lift.

View of Track that has bends that need to be smoothed out so no excessive sounds are created.

View of track that has some bends that need to be ironed out for the door to smoothly run.

View of a cable that is damaged.

You can see in the picture a cable that is damaged. This extra wire that you can see tangling around the drum is a indication that a wire has broke from the main bundle. This cable is in need or replacement so nobody will be at risk of being hurt by a door that will fail because of a cable.

view of broken spring that needs to be replaced.

Broken springs that need to be replaced. You can see that there is a gap in the left spring. This is a indication that you will have issues with your door. You need to have springs that are complete and that have no separation in the length of the run.

view of sloppy wiring that is leading to the garage door motor.

original wiring of the motor that couple use a little neatening up.

View of motor wiring that has been updated and neatened up.

Neat changes to the wiring of the operator. You an see that the wiring has been freshened and the unit looks nice and professional.

view of drum that has new cable installed.

Cable that has been replaced with a new one. This new cable will assure that the door will no come collapsing down on anyone.

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