New LiftMaster Motor Installed in Vancouver

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New LiftMaster Motor Installed in Vancouver

New LiftMaster garage door motor mounted under a light. These situations do make a interesting mounting configuration but we are able to mount a garage door motor in all kinds of positions. If you find you have garage door situation that will need unique mounting you can always consider a JackShaft motor as a option. Call us at: 604-890-8918 and we can arrange a technician to install / repair any garage door option you can dream of.

View of new wall button that has been mounted next to a older wall button.

LiftMaster updated Wall button for the new belt drive motor. You can see the new dark gray wall button that has been updated.

View of two safety sensors that are mounted in the same line of sight.

Safety sensors that are mounted next to each other. There is a 10 year span between the models of safety sensors. You can notice that the mounting clip is slightly different. The new photo eyes are just as effective as the older versions.

Safety Sensor that has been freshly mounted to a garage door that has never been automatically lifted by a motor.

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