Removal of Garage Door Before New Garage Door is Installed in Surrey

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Removal of Garage Door in Surrey

Removal of the garage door assembly before the new door is installed. You can see that the removal of the garage door was unsuccessful by the tradesman that were upgrading the garage. If you are untrained in garage door mechanics you should not attempt to change any of the doors workings. You can see the strapping that has been added to the assembly so the torsion bar will not fly out.

Before the removal of the assembly so a new garage door can be installed.

After the torsion / door assembly has been removed from the house.

After removal of the garage door and spring assembly. This door opening is ready for a fresh install.

During the removal of the assembly. You can see the dangerious situation the untrained workers were in. This could of been a bad day for someone. Luckily we were called in to correct the situation before things went sideways. Please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can safely repair any door issue that you may have

After the garage door has been fully removed. This garage is ready for alternations before the new garage door is added.

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