Metal Door Repair in Vancouver

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Metal Door Repair in Vancouver

View of bottom roller that has been worn away from excessive scoring from track that is not aligned properly. This repair is quite serious. You see anything like this or have a door that is noisy. Call us at: 604-940-8918

After Bottom roller has been repaired. You will see the new nylon roller that has no damage on the roller. You can also see the track ends that have been properly aligned so that no new damage will be dealt out by the track as the door opens and closes.

Track that is not adjusted properly. You can see the track ends have these little curls that will chew the rollers as the door opens and closes. This is a issue that will cause problems over time.

View of track that has the small curls / bends taken out. This will allow the roller to move freely in the track.

Track that needs alignment / adjustment so the nylon rollers do not wear away. You will also see little wood slivers on the track. This is from the wood door gouging out as the door opens and closes.

Bottom Roller that has seen better days. You will see the slight bends in the roller eyes. You can see the age of the door by the rust and oxidation of the metal.

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