Double Spring Change in Richmond

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Double Spring Change in Richmond


Center Bearing Plate Loose

View of Center Bearing Plate that holds the springs securing against t he wall. You Can see that the plate has a gap between the plate and the wall. This is a serious issue. All the torque from the springs are relying on this fastener to maintain a strong connection to the wall. If you see that you have loose garage door parts or think that you need repairs. Please call us at: 604-940-8918

Bearing Plate that has been adjusted properly.

After the bearing plate has been corrected you can see that the gap is not there any more. The springs now have a strong true hold against the wall. This will assure that there is no extra forces that are not accounted for.

Top fixture adjustment improperly in richmond

Top fixture that has been adjusted improperly. The ceiling clearance is not high enough to handle the adjustments that the homeowner did. This adjustment did not allow his door to open all the way. If you make changes to your garage door and are unsure please call us so we can have a technician double check your work so nobody gets injured.

Broken springs in Richmond

Double spring change that requires new springs on both sides of the center bearing plate. You can see that there is a gap in the left spring. This indicates that you have a broken spring, please do not try to operate your door when you see your springs in this kind of condition. If you do happen to try to open your door, you will most likely only have your motor lift the door about a foot or so off the ground.

Richmond Spring Required Replacing

Double spring change in Richmond that requires two fresh springs

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