Cable and Track Issue in Vancouver

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Fresh Cable installed assures that the garage door will not have any cable issues for many years to come. The cables are a serious part of the door that do require a visual inspection from time to time. Any rusty/oxydized/brittle or frayed looking cables need to be replaced. Please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can repair any garage door issues that you have.

After cable have been reattached and aligned you will see the garage door has no more irregular dips and bends from the torsion bar lifting the cables evenly.

View of door that has a cable that not on the door properly. You can see the angle in the alignment of the door. This is serious. You will see in the picture the left side of the door is warped.  In person you will really know there is a problem.  The picture doesn’t give enough justice to how bad the issue really is.  Please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can fix your garage door.

Final View of garage door that has been repaired and has been safety tested for smooth and quiet operation. We also made sure that all the bearings are fulling greased and all hinges oiled.

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