Center Bearing Plate Fasteners Broke away from wall causing cable issue on Garage Door in Richmond

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 Fasteners Broke Away From Wall Causing Cable Issue on Garage Door in Richmond


Incorrect Belt Tension was discovered. This is what it looks like when the belt tension adjuster screw is too tight.

After Adjustment of Tension – With the correct tension the motor will not make a winning sound.

Center bearing plate that has been pulled out of the wall. This is quite serious. If you see this you should call us right away. 604-940-8918 and we will repair the damage and return your door to a safe state.

Close up view of the pulled out fastener that holds the center bearing plate against the wall.

The difference in fastener size that was used in the repair.

Repaired Center bearing plate.

Repaired Center Bearing Plate after Fasteners have been reattached.


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