Single Car Garage Door Repair in Surrey

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Single Steel Garage Door Repair in Surrey

View of chain drive t-bar with a chain’s tension that is not set correctly. This can be a early symptom telling you that there is possible a issue with the garage door operator.

After tension has been adjusted on the chain you will see that we also makes sure that the trolley has a nice application of grease to ensure that the garage door operator will pick up and close the door smoothly.

End Bearing plate that has been properly adjusted. The Drum is nice and tight against the bearing. There should be no gap in between the Drum and the bearing plate.

End Bearing set collar that has been applied to the end of the torsion bar will stop the sloppy behavior that the door was experiencing during the lift.

After Additional fasteners have been applied to the hinge to assure that the hinge does not bend or tear during the lifting / lowering of the door.

Before fasteners have been added to the hinge. Seems that over time the hinge fasteners have loosed and vibrated out of the hinge. Additional fasteners are required.

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