Cable Broken Causes Door to appear sideways in Vancouver

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Cable Broken Causes Door to Appear Sideways in Vancouver

Cable showing a broken wire. This little wire that is sticking out is a sign that things are damaged.

Track that is flexed and a photo sensor that is drastically not angled properly. This misalignment was caused from the cable being broken and the door shifting over from the extreme torque force that is transferred.

Left drum that has a cable that has been frayed and removed from the assembly. you will see the torsion bar is pulled to the right form the torsion bar being lifted from only the one side and all force is applied to the right corner of the door.

Broken cable and fraying is the cause of this issue.

Fresh Cable applied to door. You will see the shiny cable wrapped around the old looking drum. A door that is 25+ years old will require parts during this stage of it’s life. Cables are very common to break once the door has reached it’s mature age. Please call us at: 604-940-8918

Garage door lowered and cable replaced. The new cables properly attached to the door is the only solution.

Sideways door with a broken cable will send lots of light through the bottom of the door. If you look carefully you will see that the door is smiling from age. The door will flex like a bow and arrow over time from the constant pulling from the cables over 20 years. This smiling of a door is present on most older wood doors.

Broken Cable, frayed and stretched. This cables life has been overused and should of been replaced months earlier. It is a good thing that nobody was hurt. This is a serious issue when overlooked. When a cable breaks the door can swing and move quickly to one side. Please call us at: 604-890-8918 and we will be happy to discuss any repair / installation issue that you have.

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