Lower Headspace in Detached Garage Requiring Adjustments for door to Operate Smoothly in Richmond

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Low Headspace in Detached Garage Requiring Adjustments for Smooth Operation in Richmond


Trolley Rail mounted with no tolerance between the door and the trolley resulting in a top section that will grind against the rail and cause the motor to not operate as designed.

View of pavement outside garage door showing the extreme sinking resulting in huge gaps requiring brush seal to keep unwanted pests out.

View of uneven payment caused by roots and land sinking over time. Homeowner is amazed on how much movement the concrete can sink.

Bottom Seal with handmade skirt to block the gap from the uneven concrete.

Heavily Damaged Pavement from Root movement / growth caused bottom seal of door to be compromised. Brush Seal is the answer for such cases where the bottom of the garage door has exposure.

Homemade gap blocking material applied to the bottom section of the door to block the huge gaps that formed from root growth

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