Automatic Motor Issue in Maple Ridge – LiftMaster Whisper Drive Failure

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Garage Door Motor Issue in Maple Ridge – LiftMaster™ Whisper Drive Failure

Upon arriving on location, it was discovered that the motor would not lift or close the door as usual. With a closer inspection of the inner motor it was discovered that the inner motor anti-vibration rubber shock mounts over lasted there lifespan. The shock mounts do not last forever, the unfortunate part (excuse the pun) about this is that the cost of the replacement parts and labour to replacement doesn’t make financial sense.

When making a decision on replacing a old motor, you have to determine the age of the motor and the features that you will be getting with a upgrade.

A older motor will have the following:

  • No Warranty
  • Failing Parts
  • Opening and Closing Problems
  • Remotes that are losing sensitivity
  • Noisy Operation
  • Unsafe Movements / Travel
  • Usually No Modern Features:  Wifi Support? Battery Backup? Automatic Closing? Smart Home Aware?
  • Security
  • Bottom Line – Older equipment puts you and your family at risk

The benefits of replacing a older / malfunctioning motor can out weight the cost of fixing a failing motor.
Some benefits are:

  • Opens and Closes Properly
  • No Loud Grumbling noises / motor wines
  • Remotes that work
  • WiFi Opening System – Android and Iphone App
  • Modern Features / Locking / Home Automation
  • Power Savings Features
  • Enhanced Security

Please call us to book a appointment and we will schedule you for a garage motor replacement.  Click Here To Call 604-940-8918

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