Broken Spring in White Rock Requires Double Spring Change

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Double Spring change in White Rock

A garage door in White Rock required immediate repairs for a broken spring that without warning broke. The breaking of the spring creates an extremely loud banging sound that can sound like a car crash in the street. At first it is hard to determine where the noise came from. It became quite clear that there was a problem when the garage door motor wouldn’t lift the door all the way open.
You don’t want to let the motor open the door too many times when there is a broken spring. The motor will try to lift the door with the broken spring and only bad things can happen at this point. The extra weight that the spring was lifting is now passed over to the motor, which is more weight then the motor is designed to lift. The inner gears of the motor will bear all the friction and stress of the extra weight. Please call us right way if you see a broken spring above your garage door. Call: 604-940-8918

Once the springs are replaced the garage door motor will be able to lift the door like normal. It only takes about a hour to repair a broken spring, and a extra half a hour for regular maintenance of the door. The regular maintence should be performed once a year or whenever the door behaves or sounds like something is not normal. Lubrication and grease is a important component of a smooth sounding garage door. Please call if you have any questions regarding your garage door or repairs that need to be completed.

before Spring Change in White rock - Broken Spring

Before Spring Change – Broken Spring from overuse

After Broken Springs are replaced with two new springs

After springs are fixed – Double Spring change in White rock Completed.

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