How To Tell If You Have A Broken Spring

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With this time of the year and the colder weather a broken spring is something that is quite common. Although it can happen at anytime of the year as it is based on the number of cycles in your spring, the colder weather sure doesn’t help. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is wrong with your garage door just by looking at it but a broken spring is something that can be quite obvious once you know what to look for.  When a spring breaks it usually makes a loud noise and the door comes down hard but sometimes it will happen in the down position and you won’t be able to open your door. As you can see in the before picture when a spring breaks it separates at some point of the spring and becomes two pieces. A spring should always be in one piece and most people have two springs in a double car garage. Sometimes only one of the springs break at a time but it is only a matter of time before the other one breaks, which is why we change them both at the same time because they are both equally fatigued.

When ever we do a spring change not only do we change the springs but we also check the balance of the door and make sure that all the fasteners are tightened and the everything is aligned as it should be. We also check the customers opener to make sure that all the gears and bearings are lubed as it is important to keep things maintained as often as possible. If you are ever unsure on something about your garage door you can always give us a call and we will help you get things running smoothly. We recommend regular maintenance and service on your garage door as it is a big part of your home and can become quite a panic when something does go wrong.

Spotting a Broken Spring

Broken Spring

New Spring vs Broken Spring

New Spring

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