Amarr Designers Choice DC3200

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With this install we were working with a 16 x 7 Amarr Designers Choice model DC3200. Our customer chose to go with the factory black finish in recessed panels with the Stockton Glass Top Section. Black was an excellent choice for our customers house as you can see they have quite a bit of black trim around the house and windows. With the door we included a 2″ Standard Lift Hardware as well as Perimeter Weather Stripping which is something that we include with all of our doors but is often more requested at this time of the year as it starts to get colder.

Our customer also chose to upgrade their opener to the Liftmaster 8550 Belt Drive in which we included 2 remotes and a digital entry. Digital entry is the panel you see outside of the garage doors that allows you to enter your garage when entering a desired chosen code. This can come in handy when you have kids coming in and out of the garage during the day and don’t want to leave them with a remote. Once we had the door and opener installed we checked the balance to make sure everything was aligned properly while tightening the springs and lubing the bearings and gears. We then programmed the remotes for our customer and finished the job with testing the safety photo cells before leaving site.

Amarr DC3200 Installation Ladner BC

Amarr DC3200

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