West Vancouver T128 Install

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With this install we were working with a new construction site which means we didn’t have to remove and dispose of any old door just install the new one. Our customer chose to go with the Therma Tech Collection model T128 Ranch Panel in white. With the door our customer chose to have a glass top section in Stockton style as well as 2″ Standard Lift Hardware and perimeter weather stripping. Our customer also chose to upgrade their opener to the Liftmaster 8355 Belt Drive Opener which we included 2 remotes and digital entry for our customer to access their garage by entering a desired code on the outside of the door. Once we had the door up and motor attached we checked the balance of the door and aligned it accordingly. It is very important to always check the balance of the door or it could ruin the opener as well as cause other damage. With every install or service call we get we always make sure to check the door balance and alignment as well as lubing all the bearings and gears finishing the job with always testing the safety features for smooth operation before leaving site.



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