Carriage Panel 10C Insulated Steel Door Richmond Install

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Carriage Panel 10C – Therma Tech Insulated Steel Door Installed in Richmond

With this install we removed our customers previous garage door and supplying them with a Therma Tech model 10C with carriage panel.  This Insulated Steel Door was ordered in a factory white finish.  The house has a white trim so the white door is a good color choice because the house has a white trim.  Having a bold white garage door really adds a nice finishing touch to the overall look of the house. Once the garage door is installed we reconnect the opener and provided them with a general service package at no charge.  The general service package assures that the door is properly balanced and that all panels are properly aligned in the track.  The hinges and rollers are all lubricated assuring that the fresh new door sounds great.

Before 10C Carriage Panel Door Installation - Therma Tech Insulated Steel Door

Before Removal of Old Garage Door

After 10C Carriage - Therma Tech - White Factory Finish

After Therma Tech 10C Carriage Door Installation

Final Safety Testing

A final testing of the safety features are always performed marking the completion of the job.   with the knowledge that the door is safe for operation.


Northwest Door Inc

Therma Tech – 10C – 2016 Install

Therma Tech – 10C – 2017 Install

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